Friday, May 30, 2008

Table Geometry

There are different types of table shapes and choosing the right one will make your wedding unique and beautiful.

1) The new trend: Square Table

2) The classic and always classy: Round Table

3) The dramatic: King's Table

Happy Planning !!!


Kékéli said...

i've always said i'd never get married because i hate the whole OTTness of the whole thing (finding a theme, planning the damn thing like you're planning a war, making everything pretty but not TACKY etc...)
but you're having me reconsider my decision! the minute i find the man and he pops the question i'll be in touch with you !!!

Fafa said...

Lol..Kékéli...Eliké everything looks so good!!Sigh!!!

E. said...

Lol Kekeli, i will hold u to that