Friday, June 6, 2008

Poll Results : Adele Wechsler

Thank you ladies for voting for your favorite designer, and according to the poll result Monique l'Huillier is your number one choice follow by Amsale Aberra and then Vera Wang.

Adele Wechsler got no love from you ladies, which is a shame since she has some pretty dresses. She has a collection named Hello Africa inspired by her South African heritage. The collection uses beadwork done by poor Zulu women in South Africa and each gown is named in Zulu, Swahili or Xhosa language.

(image of a Zulu women with her beads)

Latifah (Gentle)

Lindiwe (Patience)

Dalila (Gentleness in her soul)

Wearing one of her dresses on your big day will set you budget back somewhere between $2,800 and $4,500 but at least you will know you are doing a little to help in her humanitarian work.

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Yayemarie said...

tres cool, je navais jamais entendu parler d'elle...tres cool!!

Fafa said...

Oh. I now feel bad. I actually never heard of her...I like the 1st dress

Mimi said...

Oops, like my fellow "shamee", I never heard of her and never saw any of her dresses. These are pretty cute, but Monique is tha bomb!

Anonymous said...

I love Adele Wechsler's "Hello Africa" collection. I always have. I viewed her collection in person soon as it launched. I love how she and Therez Fleetwood incorporate African beading and patterns into their dresses. I hadn't heard of this blog before today, but the two of them would have gotten "love" from me!

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