Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poll Results: Summer Nights

About 80% of you guys would rather get married during summer time and it's easy to believe since we all know that the height of wedding season is during summer.

So to make my readers happy, I figured I will showcase outdoor ceremony and reception.

If you decide to go with a summer night wedding the venue is a no brainer, choose a garden, a park, even a bakyard, somewhere that has an open space.

If you decide to have a tent, pick one that will still give an open air feel to the event.

Have lots of lights. Lanterns, christmas lights anything that will brighten up the place. 

If the wedding is by a pool put some floating lights in the water and candles around it.

Do not forget to vote for our new poll, would you go for a colored wedding dress? or you would stick to a more traditional white or cream dress? 
On a side note, doesn't summer nights make you think of the movie grease

Happy Planning!!!


Coeur Afrique said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!

Lead Events said...

Lights make anything better