Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Awakening

A couple of weeks ago i was coming back from work and i couldn't help but notice that flowers are back in full effect, and you know what that means.... Spring is officially HERE.
This post is dedicated to the end of a really cold, windy, snowy, icy winter.
So i present to you : Spring Weddings


So if we were playing word association this is what i would say for spring: breeze, warmth, sunny clear blue skies. So its no surprise that most spring weddings colors relate to those words. For your spring wedding,you can choose from yellow, light blue, pink, light green, cream, peach and much more.
I would definitely suggest keeping colors light and clean and if you just have to use a dark color please see below.

One of the hottest color trend of the moment is chocolate brown so to make it springy (since its a dark color), i would recommend pairing it with some pastel colors.

I will be covering more chocolate brown mixes because it has become one of my favorite color of the moment.


Spring is the season of many flowers: Roses, Tulips, Daisies and Peonies among others

1. Orchids, Scabiosa and Hypericum bouquet. 2. Coral Volata Lilies, Parrot Tulips and Coral and Watermelon Icelandic Poppies 3. Tulips. 4.Bouquet of yellow Cymbidium Orchids. 5. Bouquet of Calla Lilies, Garden Roses and Gloriosa Lilies in shades of orange 6.Cymbidium Orchids 7. Parrot Tulips, Gloriosa Lilies, Gomphrene and Vallota Leaves
(Pics via

Because it's spring, you have a really good excuse to center your theme around flowers, you can use them in every aspect of your wedding, even as cake toppers.

Dressing up

Bride and Groom

Wedding dresses trends for the spring season really caters to all type of brides, you can choose from shorter dresses, sheer fabrics, flared skirts, the Grecian look and colorful dresses.

From left: Allure Bridal; Vera Wang; Carmela Sutera; Karl Lagerfeld Bridal; Vera Wang; Anne Barge; Jenny Packham; Monique L'Huillier; Oleg Cassini; Adele Wechsler

For your groom he can choose from 3-button notch tuxedo, or a 2-button peak with pinstriped. Non-pleated is making a comeback and can be found for pants and shirts.

From left: Hugo Boss; Joseph Abboud; Purplow; Joseph Abboud; Tommy Hilfiger; Calvin Klein; Djimon Hounsou in Calvin Klein?; Ralph Lauren; Joseph Abboud; Calvin Klein; Joseph Abboud; Calvin Klein.

One timeless advice that you should follow when picking your wedding attire is that whatever you do, don't just follow trends blindly, find out what works for your body type and use it to your advantage. Just think 20 years down the road when you will be looking at your wedding pictures.

Wedding party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen outfit should be chosen to match the wedding theme but also to complement the bride and groom. So to harmonize with your spring theme, choose fun, light and flattering colors.

Now on to one of my favorite subject :Cakes !!!

Choose funky designs

Or go for light and pretty colors

Happy Planning!!!


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