Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dropping Some Knowledge

This is what i like to call my DSK ( Dropping Some Knowledge ) section. According to maps of world the top ten countries with the highest marriage rate are:

1. Antigua & Barbuda

2. Maldives

3. Barbados

4. Liechtenstein

5. Cyprus

6. Seychelles

7. South Africa

8. Jamaica

9. Ethiopia

10. Iran

Now all of these places or at least most of them will be great for a destination wedding or honeymoon. I definitely can imagine myself on these beaches, sipping on something.

(Tx Yan for the article)

Happy Planning !!!


Fafa said...

Goodness gracious...I need a vacation real bad or am gonna do somthing real bad....The places are BEAUTIFUL.

E said...

I know right, Barbados is one of them though

Yayemarie said...
au fait..check ce site , les photos de marriage d'un couple nigerian..tres belles photos:)

Linda said...

I will choose seychelles but my dreaming destination wedding is Venise

Ach Baba said...

Barbados of course