Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex And The City

My sister D. and I went to see the SATC movie this weekend and I have to say that even though I wasn't as excited as D. or every other girl in the theater, i really enjoyed the movie.
I fell in love with some of the girls outfits but Carrie's gladiator shoes sealed the deal for me. Head over to The Perfect Touch to get an idea of where to find good alternatives.
So this is what i noticed while watching the movie:

1. For your venue choose an unexpected place like a library. (NY Public Library)

2. Your bridesmaids don't have to match, just make sure they complement each other and your theme.

3. Do not loose sight of what the wedding is supposed to be about : an union between two people.

4. Have a couple of love letters -such as the one below-read at your ceremony. Wouldn't that be a nice touch?

Letter by Franz Liszt to Marie d’Agoult:

“My heart overflows with emotion and joy! I do not know what heavenly languor, what infinite pleasure permeates it and burns me up. It is as if I had never loved!!! Tell me whence uncanny disturbances spring, these inexpressible foretastes of delight, these divine tremors of love. Oh! All this can only spring from you, sister, angel, woman, Marie!”

Happy Planning !!!


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amayelsnotes said...

I have to say I wasn't excited by the movie and mostly just went along with friends. Loved that i went though.
The movie had all we expected and then some... fashion, love and friendship... all a girl needs.
Though the first wedding did look way too grandiose for my taste... the second one was watered down to the stretch... I mean you'd think family and friends would be there at least.
And that made me think, do these women have any family whatsoever?