Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Poll Results : Busy Brides

Hello Fellow wedding junkies,

I have been so busy at work that i have been staying late to make deadlines, consequently I am drained when i get home, not enough strength left in my body to update the blog or do anything else but sleep. The situation gave me a new understanding of people who quit their job to plan their weddings because there is no way i could have being planning a wedding during the last 3 weeks. So even though i would not quit my job, i will not spit on taking a 2-3 weeks leave of absence to plan a fabulous wedding.
Well about 20% of you agreed with me and 20% said they might quit their job. The vast majority of you guys said you will NOT quit. If you are a busy bride and need help balancing it all, read this article, it gives really great advices.

Please take a moment and answer the next poll about your wedding style.

Happy Planning!!!

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