Monday, August 11, 2008

Rock the reception

Am back!!!

So one of the 1st thing I set up after moving in was my cable (I cannot live without TV) and am glad I did because I was able to catch one of my favorite show Say yes to the dress on TLC but I will talk about this show another time. This post is about the show I caught afterwards called Rock the reception.
According to the TLC website "Rock the Reception follows engaged couples as they plan and carry out an elaborate first wedding dance. World-class choreographers will work with bride, groom and bridal party to create an outrageous first dance that will knock the socks off their wedding guests.
The first dances will be choreographed to songs that range from the likes of "Thriller" to "Baby Got Back." With the couples having only a limited amount of time to learn an elaborate dance while also preparing for their wedding, tensions are sure to run high. No matter the outcome, the wedding guests are sure to see a first dance they'll never forget."

The show was hilarious, watching people's reaction to the bride and groom dancing on Footloose was priceless, here are two videos from the show:

Adria & Alvin

Marti & Todd

Here is one that wasn't part of the show but was hilarious:

I even found some father daughter dance

(Skip to the 1 min mark)

This is a really nice and fun alternative to the traditional first dance but if you want both, why not do the traditional dance and immediately follow it with a fun choreography? Of course, you can also can save the choreographed dance for a little bit later.

Catch the show on TLC Fridays at 10:30/9:30c

Happy planning !!!

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