Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jada & her Dress

When I came across this picture of Will and Jada my 1st thought was boy this man is fine.

My 2nd thought was that her gorgeous dress would be great as a wedding dress in white or ivory of course.

So I went looking for identical dresses but couldn't find anything that was exactly the same. But here are some dresses that i felt came close to the look:


San Patrick

Adele Weshler

Val Stefani

If you want Jada exact look then follow these guidelines-- your dress silhouette should be trumpet or mermaid, your neckline-- vneck or scoop, choose a natural look for your waist and finally your train style should be cathedral or chapel.
Like Jada to complement your whole look, have a well dressed and handsome man by your side.


Happy Planning !!!


Fafa said...

oh Eke I love the dresses!

E said...

Yeah me too