Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poll Results: Elegant & Classic

The results are in and you guys wedding style is elegant and classic but at the same time fun. So here are a few ideas on how to pull it off.
First of all classic doesn't mean boring and elegant doesn't necessarily mean expensive.
As a rule of thumb I would suggest keeping things simple, spacey and clean, in other words don't over do it.

The ceremony:

The reception

I absolutely love this chair, I think it's simple, elegant and classic, exactly what this post is about. Also remember when I was talking about using African fabrics for the sashes at the back of your chairs? Well here you can substitute the fabric at the top with some African cloth (or Asian, South American, whatever you want). If you are good with needles (or know someone who is) you can do it yourself, it would save you the money for the chair covers.

The next poll is about the groom, so am curious ladies will you let your groom choose his own attire or will you dictate what he should wear? Please take some time to answer that question.

Happy Planning!!!

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