Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Post: Rehearsal Dinner

So I ask D from The Element of Freedom , to give us some ideas on what to wear to one's own rehearsal dinner and she came up with some great choices. So here they go.

Rehearsal dinners are a great time to show your personality and style

You can go bold and add a splash color, better yet wear a dress in the color theme of your wedding

If you want to look chic, sophisticated, but understated without going for the usual black are some choices.

White is always a good option
 And finally, jumpsuits are a great alternative to the usual dress 

Don’t forget to check out D's blog, I guarrantee you will be hooked.

Happy Planning!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Good job u guys should do that more often! I would love to see a post on what accessories to wear as a bride and as a bridesmaid